Casey's Story

Hi, my name is Casey and I am a certified professional Life Coach. I am a wife and mother of three beautiful children. I enjoy homeschooling my children, exercising and reading. I have a desire to help people discover who they were created to be so they can find fulfillment in their relationships and overall well-being. My passion for working with individuals who are struggling to overcome obstacles in their personal lives comes from my own personal history.

My childhood began in a home filled with dysfunction dominated by multiple marriages, drugs, alcohol, and physical and emotional abuse. My normal coping mechanism was to bury the fear, sadness, depression, shame and anger deep inside, convincing myself it could not escape. As time passed however, the pain, helplessness and insecurity began to manifest in other ways.

Memories from my childhood drove me to anorexia and bulimia as I obsessed over my parents’ self-destructive choices. I had a deep desire to make a difference in the world, but as I tried to break free from the darkness of my youth, I struggled. Lacking a strong father figure, I looked to other men for acceptance and attention. This led to an unexpected pregnancy in college. At that point, I thought my life was over but I was determined to give it my best try anyway.

As a single mother, full time student and nearly full time employee, I tried to do everything on my own but was failing. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't quite break free from the chains that held me down emotionally. I knew I needed God to intervene. He was the only One who could help me persevere and find the fulfillment I so desired.

God began to work in me, systematically pulling everything out of me to deal with my past and heal me from my pain. Eventually I was able to forgive myself and those who hurt me. Over the next ten years, I began to encounter other women in my life who were struggling with similar issues. Because of my experience, I was able to empathize with their circumstances, walk through their struggles with them and sometimes just listen to their hearts with complete acceptance and love.

I felt like I had found my purpose. I wanted to be even more effective in helping people  overcome those struggles. That’s when I became certified as a Life Coach through Christian Coach Institute. The self-discovery process of coaching was exactly what my heart and soul needed. I felt encouraged, excited, challenged and humbled. It also gave me more tools to continue investing in the lives of others.

I would like to help you overcome your obstacles too. Let it be a beautiful influence to inspire a beautiful change in you!

If you would like to read more about my story, I am a contributing author in the new book Called to Coach.

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